Fany Goes English Review

Review by Fany Van Hemelen
What a original humorous warm book

This is a book you have to read if you want something special. With his debut Tim Ewins has written a heart-breaking and lovely story about love, hope and destiny.
The book is told by a moustache, who has the experience and knowledge and a vest who has the vibe. I loved the way the author compares people with animals. It is refreshing to read such a profound book and I just warn you. When you start reading this novel you go on a trip of life and you can’t put this down because you will be touched by the beautiful characters.
It is a story of finding love, friendship and new dreams.

I can’t tell you more because it will ruin your reading pleasure but if you’re in for a different book with lots of sarcasm, a story about following your dream and finding your true love this one is for you.

After this debut I hope to read more ingenious crafted novels by this author.
***** 5 stars

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