Babbage and Sweetcorn Review

What a lovely review from Babbage and Sweetcorn, and can I just say, what an excellent name for a blog.

The review is here:

A wonderful blend of different encounters, both good and bad, humour (I was chuckling out loud), love, friendship and fate, We Are Animals is really something a little different.

Written with great tenderness, truth and sprinkled throughout with some great comic one liners, I found this a truly joyful read.

Present day, Goa:  Jan, much to his disappointment, ends up chatting to ‘A Vest’ (young person, on holiday/gap year,  trying to ‘find themselves!) on the beach one day. His name is Shakey and when he asked Jan what he’s doing sitting alone on the beach, Jan begins to tell him his story.

We learn via flash backs of the tale of Jan’s life over the last 54 years. From his childhood back in Fishton, England where he dreamed of travelling, to Sweden, Russia and onto India. We read of the wonderful encounters he has with many different people, from pick pockets to murderers, fishermen to old married couples.  Each story is different yet many are set off by the simplest of actions and somehow along his travels across the world he also managers to keep meeting the same people!  Fate perhaps?

I found this book very original and at the same time told with much warmth for it’s characters, (and animals!), who are, at the end of it all, just ordinary people trying to get on in life.  Each story has a tale of it’s own with much emotion that pulled at the heart strings.  I loved the way it shows how each connection between two people can spark a chain of events that span out like a spiders web, yet somehow still leaves a path back to the start.  I loved it’s humour and found all the the characters such a delightful bunch of personalities.

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