Cheryl M-M’s Review

Thank you to Cheryl M-M for this review:

I’m not sure I will ever be able to look at a ‘vest’ again without thinking about the life philosophy of vests in relation to non-vests and the world in general. It’s the kind of thing you are aware of at a subliminal level. You take it in and think nothing more about it – like so many other things.

It’s via the vest that Jan and Shakey make the first connection that leads to a long conversation. Jan reminisces about his lost love. The way his life has intersected with hers at different moments. It not always being the right place or the right time.

What is more important in the grand scheme of things is the way Jan perceives his own impact on the people around him and the world. Like many of us, who walk around in invisible bubbles of our own creation, he believes he walks and has always walked the world without leaving an imprint.

The story shows how his interactions with certain people have indeed left an impression, which is true of everyone. Nobody leaves no imprint at all – everyone influences and has an impact on someone else. Those small moments that mean nothing to many and something to the living beings going through it.

It’s not easy to squeeze this into a specific genre, perhaps because it is on the rim of more than one. It’s speculative, spiritual and very much a contemporary read.

This is very much a story that asks the reader to read between the lines, to make conscious and subconscious connections. Ewins uses the animals to draw parallels, and in a way that in itself is an example of the microcosms we tend to ignore, because of our self-titled and established superiority.

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