Bookish Jottings Review

Thank you to Bookish Jottings for this lovely review!

A quirky, uplifting and emotional tale of love lost and found, unexpected twists of fate and the power of friendship, Tim Ewins’s We Are Animals is a thought-provoking and heart-warming read that is wonderfully written and beautifully vivid.

Jan finds himself staring out to sea in Goa thinking about his life and what might have been and what has been lost. He still finds himself thinking fondly of the passport-thief he had met nearly five decades ago. Back then, fate seemed to delight in going out of its way to bring the two of them together, yet lately the two seem to have gone on different paths and have seldom been in contact; something which Jan has grown to regret. Jan has led quite an active life in between reuniting and losing the one who had stolen his heart. He has never given up hope that he might end up reuniting with the passport thief who had changed his life – but in the meantime he has got plenty to keep him busy, including a rather unexpected arrival in his life.

Amidst the many countries he has travelled, the many animals he has adopted (or that have adopted him), Jan finds himself crossing paths with a very annoying teenager who simply will not leave him alone. Jan cannot help but find the teenager totally and utterly infuriating, but should Jan be so quick in wanting to be shot of this aggravating companion he has acquired? After all, if he wants to be reunited with the missing thief, Jan needs all the help he can get – and maybe this time fate has opted to send him assistance in the most unlikely of packages!

I wasn’t sure what to make of We Are Animals at first as it was rather different to the kind of books I usually read, but I couldn’t fail to be charmed by Tim Ewins’ vivid and engaging voice. A talented author with a magical gift for deftly and effortlessly transporting readers to the places described in the book, Tim Ewins has written a captivating, enjoyable and poignant read with We Are Animals, a fantastic novel that will make readers laugh, cry and think.

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